3 Common Career Mistakes in Financial Analysis

by Richard C. Wilson on May 2, 2012

Making certain that you make the right career decision is imperative to a successful career. Avoiding common career mistakes in financial analysis is the best way to keep on the right track. Here are some of the common career mistakes you will want to avoid.

Being “Me” Centered – Your company wants you to be looking out for them not just you. Not that you cannot keep your goals and aspirations in sight, but being focused on what will benefit you the most can leave both superiors and peers with a sour taste. Always being concerned with whether you are getting what you deserve will show that you are not a team player thus putting you in the position to not be considered for advancements and the most sought after projects or clients.

Being Unreliable – Everyone wants a team player. Someone that will commit to completing tasks they have stated they will. If your coworker and supervisor cannot rely on you to fulfill your promises, you will quickly loose the respect of everyone you work with. Respect and reliability go hand in hand and can have a huge impact on your financial analysis success.

Being Complacent – Enthusiast go-getters, and visionaries are what every company is looking for in an employee. Being complacent with where you are, and not looking to go the extra mile to help the company, will stall your career in a flash. Be a team player who is looking at the big picture to help the company succeed.

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