4 Things to Think About When Preparing for your Financial Analysis Interview

by Richard C. Wilson on January 13, 2013

As soon as you walk in the interview room, your interview has started. In fact, the interview started before you got there, while the interviewer read your resume, job application, or whatever you used to apply for the job.  However, the real interview, the one in person, began the minute you arrived, whether you realized it or not. As a  financial analysis job candidate, you will want to be prepared.

Your Arrival Time – Be sure to be on time. And on time in interview speak means EARLY. You don’t want to be late and you do not want to come rushing through the doors as the big hand hits the hour. You want to arrive comfortably early, check in, take a restroom break to wash your hands and freshen up, get a drink to wet your throat and then sit and collect your thoughts before your interview.  But don’t be too early either, then you appear over anxious and put the interviewer in a position to decide whether they have the time to take your early or not.

Your Attire – Make sure you are dressed professionally and appropriately. Your interviewer will look at what you have on and make an assessment. You don’t have to be wearing the best of the best, but be professional, appropriate, and ironed. Having a clean, professional appearance shows you took the time to prepare and you care about the appearance you make.

The Handshake – Make sure you give a strong handshake while making eye contact and introducing yourself. You want to give a good, solid, confident impression. Eye contact and a strong handshake indicate confidence. Don’t look down and around or give an awkward handshake, be firm and professional and clear in your introduction.

Be Prepared – Being prepared for your interview means that you will have done your research regarding the company as well as prepared some interview question to ask. You want to have at least a few facts about the company ready to quote and maybe a question or two related to this knowledge so you know you will have the opportunity to show the facts that you know.

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