4 Ways to Fill a Gap in Financial Analysis Employment

by Richard C. Wilson on May 28, 2012

There comes a time in every person’s career when you may find themselves with a gap in employment.  Though this is typically not a big deal to most people, having a gap on your resume when applying for your next job can be a big deal. Here are some things to consider should you find yourself without a financial analysis job to keep your resume ready for your job search.

Volunteer Work – Consider doing some volunteer work in the financial analysis field or in a place where you can gain pertinent experience to the financial analysis field.

Take a Class – You may want to think about taking a class in financial analysis. This is a great way to get some up-to-date skills and education on your resume.

Do Freelance Work – Freelance work in the field of financial analysis can be difficult to find but you may be able to keep yourself busy with some jobs to at least have something to put on your resume.

Consider an Internship – Most internships are non-paid; so a gap in employment is an excellent time to take on an internship to give you valuable experience and to keep your skills fresh.

If you find yourself without a job in the financial analysis field, or are unemployed and hoping to find a financial analysis job, considering a class, some volunteer work, or an internship in the financial analysis field can be great ways to ensure that your resume is current during the gap. Doing something to further your knowledge and experience, even during a time of unemployment, is a great way to show your dedication to the field and not let a gap in employment affect your employability.

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