5 Tips to a Good Financial Analysis Resume

by Richard C. Wilson on February 6, 2012

We all know that it is imperative to have a good resume that is up-to-date and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Whether you are writing your first resume or updating your financial analysis resume, here are some good tips to follow.

Use a good font. Your resume is not the time to experiment with the newest, fancy font. Be sure to use a standard professional font like Ariel, Courier New, or Times New Roman. Be consistent throughout your resume and use a readable pitch like 10 or 12.

Use a standard template. Research what common templates are used in financial analysis and be consistent. There is something to be said for standing out from the crowd; however, you still want to maintain a professional look. In addition, a template will ensure you have not missed vital information.

Have a legible format. The format of your resume should also be professional. Using a template can usually help you find a good format. You can also choose a format that emphasizes the experience and education you wish to highlight.

Know the keywords. It is good to get to know the keywords that are important in financial analysis. You will want to use these throughout your resume, especially if you are applying for a position with a large company. Large companies typically use programs to filter resumes based on predetermined keywords.

Supply accurate contact information. Probably one of the most important parts of your resume is the contact information. If you don’t supply good contact info then a potential employer cannot get a hold of you if they are interested. Make sure you give your name, address, the phone number that you prefer, and a good email at least.  If you have a personal marketing website, you should include that as well.

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