Have You Considered a Financial Analysis Internship?

by Richard C. Wilson on April 11, 2012

An internship is an outstanding way to acquire financial analysis experience. If you plan to change careers to financial analysis, or you are just getting out of school, an internship is a wonderful way to gain some valuable experience for your resume.

Depending upon your needs and the availability of internships in your area, you will need to choose whether a paid or non-paying internship is for you. In most cases, an unpaid internship is easier to find and secure; however, this is more like volunteer work but can give you a variety of experience to help you land a job in the financial analysis field.

Paid internships are the most sought after and traditionally employ college seniors or new college graduates.  Commonly, these internships are with bigger companies and typically can lead to an offer of employment by the company should your internship experience be successful.

If you are hoping to find a job in the field of financial analysis, then an internship may be the right fit for you. No matter which internship type you choose, it can give you some good experience to include on your resume and, hopefully, lead you toward a job in financial analysis.

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