How to Prepare for Your First Day of Your New Financial Analysis Job

by Richard C. Wilson on April 27, 2012

The first day on a new job can be exciting.  Whether you are new to the field of financial analysis or just moving to a new company, you will want to prepare.  There are many things to consider when preparing for your first day on your new financial analysis job.

Prepare for the Commute – You definitely do not want to be late for your first day of on your new financial analysis job.  Therefore, it might be in your best interest to prepare for your commute by driving a test run.  This means that you may want to ensure you know how long it takes you to get to your new workplace.  Don’t forget to plan for traffic if you do not have the opportunity to do a test run during your normal commute time.

Get Your Lunch Ready – Unless you have been specifically told that you will be going out to lunch with someone, it may be a good idea to brown bag it your first day. In today’s workforce, it is common to have shorter lunch hours, or even eat while working. Therefore, it is a good idea to be prepared with your lunch. You can always take it back home with you if you don’t need it.

Homework – Doing your homework before your first day on the job is important. This means doing research on the company and knowing at least what you can find out from the Internet or any materials that you were given during your interview. Recalling some good facts about the company can be impressive to your new boss.

Break out the Iron – Dress for the part and make sure you look professional and pulled together. Even if your work environment is one that is casual, it is good to be clean cut and professional. Make sure you do not look like you slept in your shirt.

Get Your Supplies – Make sure you have a working pen and a pad of paper on which to take notes. You will be meeting many people on your first day and it might be a good idea to write down some notes on the people that you are meeting.

Listen and Ask Questions – The first day is not the time to pretend you know something and not ask questions. It is actually the best time to ask questions. If the instructions are not clear, be sure to clarify. Take notes and be certain you can have all the details to complete any assigned tasks accurately.

Get Plenty of Sleep – Lastly, but probably most importantly, make sure that you get plenty of sleep. You don’t want to yawn through your first financial analysis meeting or through meeting your boss’s boss. Be sure to be well rested and ready for your day. This is the best preparation you can do to make your first day on your new financial analysis job a success.

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