Is Your Financial Analysis Job in Jeopardy? Look Out for these Signs

by Richard C. Wilson on August 9, 2012

Wondering if you are the next to be downsized? Professionals working in the financial analysis field want to know if their job is on the line. If you are uncertain, watch for these potentially telltale signs.

Lots of Feedback in Writing – If you find that you are getting a lot of written feedback and critiques lately, and you haven’t in the past, watch out. This could be a sign of a “paper trail.” Financial analysis professionals typically need to have a paper trail of reasons why someone needs to be fired. Documenting critiques through emails and on paper provides the necessary documented support for letting someone go.

Increased Micro-Management – Did your boss use to leave you to do your job and now is micro-managing every aspect of your job? This could be a sign of your boss not being happy with your current performance. Your boss may not be pleased with your performance or is questioning the quality of your work.

No Longer Asks Your Opinion – Were you someone that your team or boss went to for ideas for a new prospective but now you are no longer being consulted? This could mean that you are no longer considered a quality resource for decisions or your boss is distancing himself from you because he know he may be having to let you go.

Lack of Praise – Though some supervisors rarely praise anyone or anything, some do quite freely. If you have a boss that used to praise you and/or your financial analysis work and now no longer offers any positive praise or reinforcement, this could be a sign that your boss is no long pleased with your work.

Verbal Warning – One of the most obvious signs that your financial analysis job is on the line is when your boss tells you directly.  Look for warning phrases like “I need to see improvement on these number in the next month,” “I have not been happy with the quality of your work lately, this needs to be worked on immediately,” or “You could be fired for this type of [whatever].” If you have been warned, take it seriously and make improvements quickly to try to salvage your job in any way you can.

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