Steps for Finding Unadvertised Financial Analysis Jobs

by Richard C. Wilson on March 7, 2012

In today’s competitive job market, it is important to know how to locate all potential jobs by any manner possible.  Studies have shown that nearly 80 percent of jobs are found through networking.  This means that the majority of available jobs are not even advertised in the public sector. When looking for a financial analysis job, you will want to learn how to effectively network to locate unadvertised jobs.

The first step is to determine the top companies for which you are interested in working. After you have identified potential companies, you will want to begin an organized search for employees that work for these companies. With so many users on the Internet today, you can use an online search to find people that currently work for the companies you have identified. You can also check with financial analysis organizations and Linked In pages. Searching Facebook and Twitter is also recommended.

You will then want to locate contact information on the people whom you identify as working for the company. A basic Google search may be your best bet. This may also provide you with additional information on the person. You may also want to check the company’s website for a list of employees or key employees and reverse search them for additional information.

Once you have gotten a list of names together to go with the companies you will want to try to contact them directly. Though social media has allowed strangers to connect and network like never before, you do not want to just jump right in and ask for a favor. A good way to utilize social media when looking for financial analysis job leads is to message the person that works at one of the companies on your list and ask these individuals questions about the company or their field of specialty. Do not jump right into asking for a job. Get to know the person first before breeching the topic of a job.

Using social media in this manner can be very helpful in developing networking relationship. Since most financial analysis jobs are now secured through networking, it is vital that you learn how to effectively network in order to navigate today’s job market.

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