Top 3 Financial Analysis Resume Tips

by Richard C. Wilson on November 5, 2012

Your resume is one of the most important financial analysis tools you have.  As you begin your financial analysis job hunt, you will find that having an up-to-date resume is imperative to landing your next job. These tips can help you ensure your resume is the best possible to help you in your job search.

Keywords – Using keywords that are appropriate to the job for which you are applying is important in your job search.  If your resume does not have keywords, you may find your resume not considered even if you are very qualified for the job.  Be sure to read the job description of the financial analysis job for which you are applying and then include some of these important keywords in your resume.  This is also helpful if you are applying to a company that will use a computer software program to pre-screen applicants.

Contact information – It is extremely important that you ensure your contact information is visible, current, and useful.  Many applicants use the same resume over time and forget to update their contact information.  Taking a minute to proofread and ensure your contact information is correct can be the difference between your getting an interview and not getting an interview for that financial analysis job.

Customize to the particular job – Though it is a good idea to have an up-to-date resume on hand, it is important to personalize a resume to the particular job for which you are applying. Don’t try to cut corners by having a resume for every job, you need to personalize it to each job in order to help make yourself stand out from the crowd.

There are many tips for improving your resume. Though these three tips are just basic tips, it is important to note that just considering these three tips can improve your chance of landing your next, or even first, financial analysis job.

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