Why You Did Not Get That Financial Analysis Job

by Richard C. Wilson on February 11, 2013

Are you looking for the first financial analysis job, or trying to switch careers to the financial analysis field? Have you sent out numerous resumes only to receive little to no invitations for an interview? You may be trying to decide what you are doing wrong and why you aren’t getting those interviews. Here are some things to consider:

Your resume isn’t telling what YOU can do for THEM.  When applying for a financial analysis job, you need to have your resume tell your interviewer what you can do for their company. Your resume needs to do more than list your former jobs and duties; you need to tell how well you performed the job. Quantify your successes and qualify your accomplishments.

Your cover letter is generic. A generic cover letter is as good as not having a cover letter. You don’t want to highlight your resume in the cover letter, you want to tell the interview something about yourself. Explain why you will be great at the job for which you are applying. Be specific and say something catchy.

Your resume lists skills not pertinent to the job for which you are applying. If you are changing to the field of financial analysis, or have been out of the financial analysis field for some time, you will need to make certain your resume highlights skills pertinent to the financial analysis field and not just list what you have been doing. If an interviewer sees that you have been out of the field, they need to know how your skills will apply to financial analysis now. This is a good time for your cover letter to explain what you are doing and why you are changing field.

When applying for financial analysis jobs, you want to make sure that your resume and cover letter stand out among the sea of applicants you might be competing. Make sure you have someone with hiring experience proof your resume and give you some feedback, you want your resume to be brief, to the point, and highlight the right things that an interviewer in the field of financial analysis is looking for when determining to whom they will offer interviews.

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