Writing Your Financial Analysis Resume

by Richard C. Wilson on April 16, 2012

Your resume is the primary introduction to your skills and experience and typically the first thing a potential employer sees when looking to fill a position. When looking for a financial analysis job, having a great financial analysis resume is key.  You will want to ensure you have a good resume that reflects your pertinent skills, education, and experience to help land your next, or first, financial analysis job.

Skills/Education – You want your resume to list your skills and education that are important in a financial analysis job. If you do not have experience in the field, it is important to discuss skills and education that will be important to the job even though not received with working in the field.

Experience – Experience is always an important factor when hiring for a new job. If you do not have extensive experience in the financial analysis field, you will want to get some experience in other ways. Try volunteer work or internships to acquire some valuable experience that you can included on your resume.

People Skills – Almost all jobs require people skills, financial analysis is no different. Therefore, even if you do not have a lot of financial analysis experience, highlighting experiences in customer service, working with teams, or supervising people can be a huge plus when your resume is being reviewed.

Financial analysis is a competitive field so you will want to ensure that you have a strong resume that will set you apart from the other job applicants and show what you bring to the table.  Having a strong resume is the first step to landing that next job in financial analysis.

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